We value your privacy, only storing information provided by you to ensure your experiences with us are the best they can be.

What Data Do We Store?

We store the Name & Email address supplied by you when you reserved a table, subscribed to our Newsletter on our website or through filling out our ‘Friends of Benito’s’ cards in the restaurant.

Data Processors:

We work with some service providers to help us with our normal business activities. We only use highly secure software which fully complies with all EU regulations. The processing of this software takes place on the provider’s which may be outside of the EU. All data is fully secure and password protected, where only specific staff members have access to the necessary data for the purpose of their authorised duties.

Resdiary: Online Reservations

Flipdish: Take-out Ordering; Collection & Delivery

Mailchimp: Newsletters and Email

Sharing Your Data:

We can ensure we will never share or sell your data. Only authorised staff and specified data processors have access to our data system.